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Aljazari School adopts policies that take into consideration our students, teachers, administrators and school staff within the scope of security:

Students & Teachers Entry:
Students and teachers enter the school with an electronic card and check-in and checkout times are checked regularly.
Visitors & Parents Entry:
  • There are signs directing visitors to the campus and main entrance.
  • Visitor entry-exit and guidance procedures are prepared and visits are based on security and administrative consultations where necessary.
  • Visitors leave their identities to the security at the entrance, create an entry record and inform them to whom they come then they can enter the school with a visitor badge.
  • Parents can enter the school by showing their parent card.
  • Visitors and parents are taken into the school after meeting with the school secretary and directed to the visitors section. Visitors and parents should not go to the classroom floor.
  • Student entrance, employee entrance and visitor entrance are provided through separate doors.
  • Deliveries to and from school during and after school hours are recorded by private security officers and along with the name of the sending company, name of the person making the delivery, arrival date and departure times and vehicle license plate information.
Security measures taken:
  • Risk analysis is carried out and the surrounding walls of the school, camera system, fire and alarm systems, lighting systems, etc. are controlled periodically. Environmental analysis shall be conducted for outdoor areas in the outer periphery of the school.
  • In order to prevent sudden and uncontrolled exits of students from the schoolyard to the street or street, we made necessary controls at the school entrance and exit gates.
  • Our school supervises environmental traffic especially during entrance and exit hours, and measures are taken in order to prevent any traffic accidents in coordination with the security units if necessary.
  • We took necessary measures for emergency exit doors from the outside and rapid evacuation in case of fire or other emergencies.
  • We use magnetic door locks at our school campus.
  • Physical facilities and security measures are provided for disabled students.
  • There are security cameras in the school entrance-exit, main gates and corridors.
  • Card readers are also available for frequently used gates such as visitors and teachers car park entrances, main entrance, gates used for play activities, gates used for physical education classroom activities, etc.
  • There are sheltering areas and health rooms to be used in earthquake and emergency situations.
  • Emergency Action Plans are prepared at the beginning of each academic year.
  • First aid teams are established in our school and first aid kits are available in common areas.
  • We provided first aid cabinet and/or first aid kits and their tools and materials.
Security Training:
  • Natural disaster drills are carried out with our students on specified dates.
  • Security training is provided to our students, parents and staff at regular intervals.
  • We establish security-training models in cooperation with security guards and implemented within the school.
  • A distribution of tasks has been made among all school personnel to be activated in case of emergency. Personnel undergo Emergency Training every year.
  • Warning, information and indoor signboards are put in relevant places in order to ensure all kinds of security in our school.